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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why daddy normally does the bedtime routine.

Jeremy normally does most of the bedtime routine around here. I just act as his assistant. But tonight he had his guy's accountability group, so it fell on me. Since he typically does the Bible story and prayer time with Holden and Pax, I do enjoy it when it's a night where I get to step in and do those things. Tonight was no different. The Jesus Story Book Bible is still as amazing as it was the first time we read through it. I blogged a little bit about it here. If you have young children, I HIGHLY recommend it. But I will say, it may teach you as much or more than it teaches your children. Very probable. Lately, I've noticed that Jeremy has been asking the boys to take turns praying aloud by themselves and then he prays at the end. So I followed suit tonight.

Holden prayed for the orphan girl in Mexico that we hope will make it to church camp in 3 days.  A camp our church is helping to host near her home. We've been saying her name like "Annie Ellie" which I know has to be a complete misprounciation. But it's the best we could come up with from the spelling.  So Holden prayed for Annie Ellie to have a full belly tonight. He prayed for her to learn about Jesus. And he prayed no "opsicles" would get in her way to get to camp. He's been listening to the prayers of his daddy. It was sweet.

Next Pax prayed. Dear God, thank you for Annie Ellie.

And then I prayed. And like I often do, I prayed for K and M. We talk about these birthmoms a lot at our house. And I just want my boys to know how important they are to us and what a huge role they've played in our lives and our family.  And I ended my prayer with something like: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you God for Holden. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you God for Pax. I never want the mundane days and the discipline that comes with those days, to ever cloud for them how thankful I am to be their mommy. So as I finished praying, I was crying pretty good. (Yep, I can be a basket case.) They both looked concerned and kept asking if I was sad. I tried to explain to them both how happy I really was.  With a quiver in my voice starting again, I continued to try and explain the depth of K and M's decision and how that changed everything for so many people.  Tears start falling again. (I know what you're thinking! Get control of yourself, woman!) Pax was in my lap, facing towards me, right in my face when he said "Let's just not talk about it."  Which sounds horrible, in a way. He really is fine with me talking about their adoption/birth families.  We do it all the time.  But there are those moments that I get overwhelmed with it.  And tonight was one of those. And right in front of my little boys. So Pax's answer to my emotional instability ;) was to avoid the topic. It just made me laugh. What a guy, right!?  So as soon as those words left his mouth I burst out laughing with tears on my face. And then the boys laughed and laughed and laughed. All three of us couldn't stop laughing. Pax knew he had said something funny...he just wasn't quite sure what it was. A very funny, sweet and memorable moment. Thank you God!

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A and Z said...

Ok - that had me a little teary eyed, because when I try to tell Jude (yes at 10wks) that he is adopted and we are so blessed, I cry. Then when Pax put it into his child reality "Why is Mommy sad?" I had to laugh! That kid is wise beyond his years!