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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Water park fun with daddy

On Tuesday Jeremy accompanied us to the water park!  Family time at the water park is a whole lot more fun.  We're able to do more stuff with the boys. Plus they love having their daddy around to ride the rides and do all the fun stuff. And I enjoy their daddy being around to help with the 1million bathroom breaks they seem to need...always at different times. :)  I love not dealing with swim diapers for my first year as a mommy...but man I should cut off their beverage intake on water park days. ;) Not really. Since we're in the blazing sun and all. Anyways, it was a nice family day. We picniced at the water park for dinner and then went back to playing. We ended the night with sundaes at McDonalds.  Quite a treat-ful Tuesday for my little guys.  We truly are trying to soak up this fun stage for our family this summer.  And because I typically don't even bother bringing my camera on most days to the water park, here are a few pictures from Tuesday.

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