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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paxton jumps.

Since we have been trying to avoid laying Paxton on his back, Jeremy set up the Jumperoo several days ago. We wondered if he might still be a little young for it. But he immediately took to it and began bouncing. And over the past 5 days he has really learned to bounce and seems to think it's pretty fun. So when we're not doing tummy time, we're bouncing. In another month, I expect him to be bouncing like this guy. Feel free to mute that annoying woman's voice. I honestly almost didn't post the video once I heard my baby talk. Geez, I need to work on that!

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Jordan & Angela said...

really cute! And don't worry about the baby talk...every video I've taken so far of Rylin has my annoying voice in it! I think you just can't help yourself when you see that cute little grin!