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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daddy and Holden Day

On Wednesday, Paxton and I sat with family at the hospital as my mom had a minor surgery. Jeremy has been off of work since Christmas Eve. So the boys and I have been very spoiled by having him home with us so much. On Wednesday, I could have left both boys at home with Jeremy and they probably would have had a typical day. But sometimes it's nice to do something different. So I took Paxton with me so that Jeremy and Holden could get out of the house and possibly do something fun.

It all started with Holden getting to ride in the front seat of daddy's truck. That's our only option in that vehicle, but it was our first time to actually try it out. Not my preference, but it worked for the day. They headed off to McDonalds for breakfast. Jeremy tells me that Holden scarfed down 3 pancakes and some hash browns. Then he played in the little indoor playground. Jeremy informed me that he even had to change a dirty diaper while at McDonalds. And I guess he felt the need to get proof of it with a picture. So glad they have changers in the men's bathrooms also. I'm going to remember this in the future. :) Jeremy had done a little research online and found a Wild Bird Center . . . or something like that. They headed over and sadly it had no birds. Instead it was a store that sold bird feeders and such. Oh well. So then the boys headed over to Petco. You know, where the pets go? He thought they might have kittens and puppies for Holden to see. Nope, none of those. But he did get to see lots of fish and a ferret, whom Holden referred to as Babbie. (I may have mentioned before that he calls our dog Babbie. We call her Abbie. But now he calls most small, furry creatures Babbie.)Holden loves getting out and doing something new. And I know that he enjoyed this special day with his daddy.


Loraena said...

I don't think I knew they had changers in mens' bathrooms! (note to self, not that I can use them..hehe)

Holden is getting so big!

The Myers said...

Josh and I are laughing so hard at Holden calling the ferret Babbie. Too cute! Yes, great to know about the changers in the men's bathroom. I don't think Josh would have ever told me. :) So glad Holden and Jeremy had a fun day together.

Melodie said...

This is Jeremy. I want to apologize to every man out there. I let it slip about the changer in the men's bathroom. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

The Skains Family said...

That was hysterical about Jeremy taking a picutre of Holden getting his diaper taken. I had to show Jeff. What a great Daddy Paxton and Holden have!

What's Going On... said...

Wow!! What an awesome daddy!! I can't believe he took pics! So great!