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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctor's orders.

I took Paxton for his 4 month check-up yesterday. He is now a whoppin’ 18lbs. 4oz. and 25.5 inches long. Looking back, I notice that he is a tad bit bigger than Holden was at 4 months. Which kind of surprised me to see. Apparently, we have 2 big boys. I have already begun retiring some of Paxton's 3-6 month clothes and pulling out the 6-9/6-12. He was in the 90th percentile for weight, 75th percentile in height and 90th percentile in head size. Speaking of his head, ugh! We are going to see a cranial specialist. Apparently, we haven't done enough tummy time and his little head is getting flatter on one side. (He sleeps on his side.) So we just have to go and get it checked to make sure no further action needs to be done for him. So until we get in for that appointment, I am doing tummy time like crazy. He had some this morning and ended up spitting up. Which is why I have avoided it. My bad, I know. Holden took naps on his tummy, which I think helped prevent this. Yet, Holden's head did get pretty flat on the backside (and of course, bald) But Paxton, on the other hand, will not normally nap on his belly. You lay him on his belly and he pops his head right up. So it's been a little harder this time. Anywho, that's on the agenda for Mister Paxton. Honestly, his head doesn't look any worse than Holden's did. I'm hoping that this is just preventative because our doctor is young and possibly cautious. But who knows, football helmet - here we come. Let's hope not. Here are my tummy time efforts for today. And he took 2 naps on me on his belly while Holden was napping. That's right, I never got out of my pajamas today. Not really normal for me, but the perfect, cold day to try it out.
He thinks it's not so bad for the first few minutes.
Holden getting in on this tummy time thing. I promise that he normally only sleeps with that paci and frog.
Sorry Pax, Holden hasn't quite figured out personal space.
Okay, and now he is a little perturbed with this activity called tummy time.


Life In Mazes said...

You are such a great mom! Those two precious boys just keep getting cuter!
Hope all works out with Paxton!

Molly said...

No worries if you have to do the helmet thing. Several of my friends have done it. And with a boy that will most likely not have long locks to hide a mis-shaped'd be glad you did something now while you could! He is so handsome...he has such gorgeous features!

The Myers said...

Did Paxton get his friend Scout for Christmas? Camryn did too. Now if I can only figure out how to program him. :)

everyday graces said...

He's adorable. I wouldn't worry too much about the cranial stuff. I have a friend whose baby girl has to wear one and her hubby's an MD. She's doing well and it isn't forever. Better to catch those things sooner than later.

natalie said...

Don't know if you have a carrier you like or not, but an alternative to tummy time is babywearing. It strengthens the same muscles and avoids flat/bald head spots. I wear my tiny ones in a maya wrap style ring sling, then switch to a moby wrap or mei tai (like the babyhawk) when they're heavier. It gives us more cuddle time, and with the mei tai back carry I can get a ton done while she is happy and enjoying the view back there! :)
I have a babywearing blog if you're interested, too,