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Thursday, July 23, 2009


In 10 days, my little family of 3 will be hopping on one of these:
To take a little trip over here:
Pompano Beach, Florida

Once we arrive at FLL, we will meet up with this little guy, Max (who is now 10 months old and not so much the tiny infant shown in the picture) along with his fun parents, Greg and Amanda. (I couldn't get my hands on a family picture.)
Then we will head on over to rent the classic automobile for 6:
And we will make a short drive to our home away from home for the next 6 days/5 nights:
The boys plan to do a little of this during the week:
While, I'm thinking my days will be spent looking a little more like this:
Now, doesn't Holden look all set for his beach vacation!? I mean, just pack his bags and he is ready to go!
Now, I know that there are some Floridians that read this blog. I don't know who you are but I would love your input. Please don't be shy! What are some fun things we could do with a 10 month old and 15 month old in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area? Such as an indoor aquarium or something? I haven't come across one yet. I have been researching, but haven't found any (cheap/free) activities that I am completely sold on yet. Also, any restaurant ideas for us? We are thinking about taking turns babysitting in the evenings, so we will get some date nights in during the week. Yahoo! So Floridians or fellow FLL area vacationers, please comment and give me some ideas.


Life In Mazes said...

I love that place! My mom and I had a wonderful vacation there one summer and it was very nice and relaxing. We stayed at the holiday inn there that was on the water, but there are lots of nice hotels right on the water.
Have a wonderful time, you all are going to have so much fun!

Molly said...

How cool! So glad you are able to take some time away as a family! Can't wait to see pictures of that little guy on the beach!

Rebecca said...

We lived there for awhile after we got married. I remember the Miami aquarium being nice. Ft. Lauderdale beach has tons of casual places to eat. Hollywood beach is really laid back and has a fun boardwalk with bike rentals, etc. Hope you have a blast!

Aubrey said...

Sounds like you have a very fun time planned!!! Enjoy your getaway!!

bsjones7 said...

That sounds like alot of fun! I am sure you guys will have a blast, its so nice to get away!
It was good to see you guys today! Caleb didnt make it 10 minutes before he was asleep in the car after we left!

Robin said...

Never been to that part of Florida, so I don't have any input, except to say have fun!

The Myers said...

Yea! So excited that y'all will have a chance to get away. We hope you have tons of fun and that Holden eats lots of sand. :)

The Curtis Family said...

Cute post! Have fun on Vacay! Or as our family calls it, vacaaaaaashun.