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Monday, May 5, 2008

What helpful friends!

Your comments were ever so helpful. And so on Friday evening, I downloaded most of the suggestions mentioned. And on Saturday morning I went for a jog outside the neighborhood. And I jogged and jogged and jogged while listening to a little Fergie, Beyonce, Justin, Simpson gals (Jessica and Ashlee) and many many others. Let me mention that one of my favorites that I thought up all by myself is, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Oh the memories come flooding back of aerobics in elementary PE class. Some of you remember very well. “Elevator down, bomp, bomp, bomp. And up . . . . Scissor arms.” Anyways, once I was back to my house, I got in the car to track the mileage I had run. And you know what I found? 2.9 miles – that is what the car pedometer read. Had I known where I was in the distance, I would have kept going. But I was back to my house and very much tired, so I had stopped. So I think I am ready for a 5k. And I will be running in one on Saturday. Stay tuned for race pictures. Well, let’s not call it a race . . . just a leisurely, timed, crowded, jog through a zoo. It really is at the zoo. Is that strange to anyone else? The race is in support of clean air. Zoo air (or at least the smell) is some of the raunchiest in my opinion. Just a little bit of irony, I think.

So originally, this blog was going to revolve around our adoption and us growing our family. It is becoming more about me and running and other mindless topics. Sorry there are no adoption updates. We are just waiting . . . very patiently, I might add.

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DeBrady said...

Hi Melodie! I found your blog through April. I have to say that I downloaded Eye Of the Tiger for the very same reason. Who could forget Coach Amyx and the elevator moves? Good luck with the 5K this weekend!!