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Monday, April 7, 2008

Long Awaited Visit

Jeremy and I snuck away for the weekend to visit some friends that had moved south to Texas last year. And who can really blame them for that!? We spent a great weekend with Matt, Katy and little Miss Matilyn (in the picture above, wearing the "Sunday" bib). The last time I held Matilyn, she was only a few weeks old and it was the day they moved away. Now she is a whopping 7 months old. And as you can see from the picture, she should definitely be in the running as the next Gerber baby. She is such a happy girl and was a true delight all weekend.

Katy and I pampered ourselves with pedicures and some shopping. Matt and Jeremy played some golf and did some other guy things. Jeremy can be talked into traveling anywhere if he is told that he should probably bring his golf clubs. We also enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Pappadeaux (one of my ALL-TIME favorites!) It was a relaxing weekend with these dear friends. We hadn’t sat down and talked face to face since they left here in September. Oh how we miss seeing them more regularly! But how thrilled we were to see their new place, new friends, new church and to see that they have quickly made it their home.

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