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Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks mom!!

I have to say, I have a very talented mother. Somehow, last spring when Jeremy and I were trying to get pregnant, she agreed to make all of my stuff. Stuff includes: the bedding, bumpers, bed skirt, curtains, pillow, diaper stacker and maybe add some flair to a little lamp. Did I leave anything out, mom? Well, we went ahead and picked out all of the materials last May, as I am one of those that really wanted to be surprised about the sex of the baby. This is one of the reasons I wanted my mom to make it all. I thought the gender neutral stuff in the stores was so-so (though it has improved in recent months) and I am not a huge fan of themes, which nurseries often revolve around. So she is at work on this project and AT WORK HARD! In fact, I am a little worried that her life is becoming all work and no play! She began this week and has finished the curtains and bed skirt and is moving on to the bumpers. She is a perfectionist (definitely a good thing) and it is looking great already. I can’t wait to see it in person (hopefully early March). And no mom, that doesn't mean it all has to be completed when you come for your visit. I wanted to include some pictures in the adoption scrapbook of her working on the new grandbaby’s “stuff”.

Notice the fabrics. I love it!
And the curtains are done. She even covered the buttons on the tabs. She is amazing!

Apparently my dad has gotten involved in this little project and is learning to sew. So here he is in all his sewing glory. Good job Martha Stewart!


The Coopers said...

Ok I had to share what Carson's comment was when he saw the pictures of Papa J. "He looks old because he has different glasses on." Spoken like a true grandchild of age 5. You don't really look old dad, just grandpaish(I am sure not a word).
Love you, dad!!

The Curtis Family said...

rvxytjthe nursery is going to be super cute!

The Curtis Family said...

oops...that jibber-jab is the word verification

Allison said...

I love the fabric! What a fun time you will have planning! The nursery will be so cute. Can't wait to see more pics of it. I am so glad things went well today. I hope they continue to.

Amanda said...

Nice pics! Mom looks very mom...elegant, poised, in control of the situation. Dad looks very dad...goofy, hilarious, in the middle of it all. You captured them perfectly. I love it! What great grandparents they are, huh?!?

The Skains Family said...

I love the fabric. I can't wait to see it all completed. That is so sweet of your mom to do that for you! That will be special. Isn't Babies R Us fun? It is overwhelming and believe me you will be making MANY more trips there for months to come. Have fun with all of this planning.

House Family said...

Some things never change...your mom being so helpful and wonderful, and your dad always there for comic relief! Love it! The nursery is going to be beautiful!

The Myers said...

We were so glad to hear that the interview went well on Friday. We thought of you and Jeremy often. And it sure does sound like you've had fun baby shopping this weekend. I love the nursery fabric, your mom (& dad) are doing a great job. Still praying for your little one.
Love ya-

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I think it's great that your parents are making that stuff. What great memories!