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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The chair in my dreams

We bought a rocking chair yesterday for the nursery. You might be thinking that we are crazy for buying all of this stuff ahead of time. But I am thinking: if we got a last minute call, what would be the big important things I would want to have? And they are - car seat, bassinet, and rocking chair. Right now, the chair is in our bedroom. And it will stay there until we actually move our baby into the nursery. The chair fit the criteria that we had set: cheap and rocks. Ok, I was a little pickier than that, as I wanted it completely upholstered and some other requirements. Jeremy didn't love the look but liked the price tag. I think it looks just fine and will be perfect for the nursery. And then later, possibly the living area.

The chair is brown microfiber. Some of you know our strong distaste for microfiber. I think Jeremy is even more passionate than myself, on this opinion. Our couch and one living room chair are both microfiber. I think microfiber is synonymous for VELCRO!! The people (furniture salesmen) always tell you, “It’s such a great fabric. It’s practically stain proof.” And maybe that is a true statement. Luckily, we haven’t really had to test out that claim in the last 5 years. I’ll let you know after our children have spit up all over our furniture. But microfiber also has a tendency to work like velcro. Just about everything sticks to our furniture! And so, we have to use a rolling sticky type brush on it constantly. So you are probably asking yourself, “why did they choose this chair?” Go back to prerequisite #1: CHEAP! Despite the fabric, I do absolutely love this chair!

The chair is in the corner of our bedroom and on my side of the bed. It was the first thing I noticed when I woke this morning. Obviously, it hasn’t become a permanent fixture in my mind and I just haven’t gotten used to seeing it there. But as soon as I saw the chair this morning, my mind started going. I began my daydreams of the precious, sweet moments that Jeremy and I will both experience in that chair. I daydream a lot these days . . .


The Coopers said...

Love it! It looks good and comfy for those late night feedings as you are trying to stay awake while the baby eats.

Phyllis said...

The chair looks very "comfy!" You will enjoy many hours rocking that baby and talking to him/her. Hope you have a good week. Can't wait to get the call that your new baby has arrived.
Aunt PheePhee

Allison said...

I can agree with the salesman that microfiber is practically stain free! We have tested that theary at my house! I still love rocking Thomas in our "big comfy chair". (Too bad its been in storage lately!) I am so excited for yall!

everyday graces said...

I just heard about your blog through Sara. So glad I found it and can "get to know you" through your posts. P.S. The chair looks pretty darn comfy. I'm hoping for a chair too.