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Friday, September 9, 2016

Paxton's celebration!

Paxton's 7th birthday fell on a Friday this year. I planned ahead to take the day off from our school work. Normally we don't even start our school year until after his birthday, but this year we got a jump start. We began this birthday in our usual way. Breakfast of choice, which he had decided on donuts the night before, and opening one gift from his brothers.
 One of the biggest nerf guns we could find.
 He is kind of crazy for both Ninjas and Minecraft these days. So we had a little of both. My boys don't play Minecraft, but they think they know ALL about it. Funny how that works. :)

After we were all dressed and had loved on the birthday boy, Jeremy and I set out in different directions rounding up the troop. Pax had chosen 3 boys from our homeschool co-op and 1 neighbor friend down the street that was out of school that day because he goes to a University model school. Since he had chosen boys that were home and free, we decided to do his celebration at lunch time. He had his heart set on Chuck E. Cheese!
 He got some more great gifts from his buddies: lots of books, legos, the game Battleship and another nerf gun.
 Abe decided during this time that he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for HIS birthday. I heard all about it often on this day. We'll see what he thinks when December rolls around.
 Boys and video games...they love this stuff.
 Waiting patiently for their pizza. They were a pretty sweet and fun bunch. And after singing to Pax, they enjoyed a cupcake.
Later that evening my parents came over for burgers on the grill and Pax got to open the rest of his gifts.
 Lots of fun stuff.
 I would definitely say Paxton's 3 favorite ways to spend his time are: reading books, playing with legos and playing games with anyone and everyone. And he got a little of everything.
Now the scooter was a complete surprise. He has been wanting one, but he didn't think he would actually get one.
 A big wish and one final cupcake wrapped up our celebration.
Another birthday in the books. I can't believe this kid is 7!!

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