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Thursday, June 23, 2016

May Happenings.

The biggest highlight of May was our family vacation. That is my next post. But some other fun happenings from the month are below:
 Pax and I had a date at Barnes and Nobles. I promised him that if he gave soccer his all for the 6 games that we were in town, that I would take him to a REAL book store and let him pick out a new book. You would have thought I promised him Disney World. We headed to B&N immediately following his final game. The boy had a good season.
 Mother's Day
My sister came for a visit.
 A rainy week called for garage roller skating. They literally had a tiny available strip to skate in. I don't know how or why they chose to entertain themselves this way. But they did on several occasions.
 I learned that McAlisters served kids meals for 99 cents. 99 cents!! So it's become a regular hot spot for us. And my nearest location is almost as kind to a mom with young kids as Chick Fil A. Almost. My crew dining al fresco.
The boys got to play with hammers and nails while Jeremy built a new portion to our fence. The spring storms had done quite a work on part of our fence. Now it looks better than ever. He is quite talented.
I do love capturing these little every day moments. The big stuff is fun and memorable. But the little everyday things are pretty special too.

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