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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Holden's birthday celebration

Well, here I am, a month behind again. For Holden's birthday, we took 3 of his buddies bowling, to dinner and out for icecream. We invited them all to spend the night. Two of the buddies are brothers and they couldn't sleepover. So one little friend, Jaxson, stayed the night. When it was time to settle down and actually sleep, I thought our friend was going to bail. But he talked to his mommy and she gave him some tough love. So they made it through the night and we had a healthy breakfast of donuts before sending Jaxson home. Here are some pictures from our celebration with his friends.
 Brody, Jaxson, Holden, Pax and Reed - They are all 2nd graders with Holden. But since 1st and 2nd grade are together at our church, Pax fits comfortably right into the group. They were a hoot. And I have never seen so much competition that I saw this night over bowling.
And the next morning, his favorite donuts stacked like an 8. I can not believe that he is 8!!

Holden's birthday fell on a Sunday this year. We spent our morning at church. We played outside in the afternoon. And then in the evening we met my parents and my sister's family at Fuzzy's for dinner. He had requested nachos for his birthday dinner. The weather was perfect for patio seating and I brought along cupcakes to share.
 The cousins - Carson, Pax, Cameron and Holden
 Back at home opening his birthday gifts.
Holden really wanted a skateboard, but we thought he was a little young for it. Roller blades had been something else he had been talking about, so that was one of his gifts from us. It was a full and fun weekend of celebrating our oldest boy!

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will + adri said...

Wow! He looks so grown up! Happy Belated Birthday!