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Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's birthday week!

It is officially birthday week at our house for a certain little boy. Since we will be on vacation for his real birthday, May 1st, we are having a few little celebrations. So at the last minute I invited my parents, my sister and her fam over on Friday evening to celebrate Holden. We had gotten him a scooter and I wanted him to have a few days to play with it before we left home. We've saved two small gifts to travel with that he will open on Friday when we are in Orange Beach. Holden was ready to tear into his gifts.
 He got some new clothes and a new soccer ball from my parents.
Uncle Dan, Aunt Amy and his cousins surprised him with a new beta fish and the whole set up. They chose a beautiful blue one, which is his favorite color. He has named it Jelly. :) He is so proud of his very own pet. And the brothers love to watch it swim around as well. Abe is regularly saying "see sishy?"
He chose a candy bar cake. Chocolate is his love language. This boy is crazy crazy crazy for anything chocolate!
 He is never too sure about all of the spotlight. The face above is the same one we see when he scores a goal in soccer. So excited for himself, but not really wanting all eyes on him.

I'm looking forward to celebrating this boy a little more on Friday at his happy place. The beach!

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