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Monday, April 13, 2015

Catching up.

It's time for me to catch up over here on the blog. Easter was a fun celebration this year.
 Egg hunt with some cousins.
 Their Easter morning goodies from us...beach towels and candy plus flip flops and sunnies for Abe. Funny thing, we had gotten them sand toys to put in the middle of table for our upcoming beach trip. Then we both completely forgot to set it out. Ooops.
My handsome boys on Easter morning.
 Holden does many hours a week of homework. It's like a prison sentence to him. A prison of homework...that does sound miserable. Truthfully it is. Even for me! I made an effort to change it up a couple of weeks ago by working on it outside. Oh my...that might have slowed us WAY down that particular day. It was beautiful out and every noise and moving thing was a huge distraction. In theory it was a good idea.
 Another day, he set up monkey to watch him work. He is completely attached to that monkey and I hope he is forever and ever. :)
Picnic lunches and silly conversations in the front yard.
Pax took a few weeks of swim lessons and showed some improvement. I'm hoping to work with him more on vacation in a few weeks.
This sweet boy spends hours a day with his nose in books. I think it's the cutest thing. If he is reading and I ask him to do something he attempts to do the task while continuing his book. Which sometimes results in running into walls or just moving more slowly than a turtle. The boy can't get enough reading time! Amen for books! I wish I had the same amount of time to devote to fun reads.
 We had an outdoor sprinkler on the trampoline day. But the little one just wanted to sit and enjoy a popsicle.
This boy has a real fascination with "piderman". I think it started because he was obsessed with our Spiderman book. 
And just a cute picture from after lunch yesterday. He looks happy here but he threw a few fits throughout lunch with some extended family. And once we were in the car headed home, he was asleep within 3 minutes. Sunday lunches can be hard! I'm really not sure why we attempt them each week.
The boys are 3 weeks into soccer. This is the first year with them playing on the same team. Holden scored 3 goals in both the first game and the second games. Holden scores a lot because he is pretty good. But also because he doesn't like to pass the ball. :) I'm hoping it's just an age thing and he will grow out of it. We played soccer as a family yesterday and tried to work on the passing part. But the boy just doesn't want to give up the ball, even if a team member is wide open! :) Pax scored 1 goal in the very first game and won the medal for the character trait of the week, which was being a good listener.

That is a recent catch up on our spring happenings!

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Amanda said...

Awww...Abe look so big. We miss you all and love hearing about all of this and seeing all the pictures.