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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Fun!

I've really been wanting some snow days this winter. The season doesn't feel complete without at least one day of playing in the snow. So this past weekend when we started hearing about some icy weather headed our way, I decided that ice might be the best that this part of Texas was going to get this year. Monday we woke to enough ice to sled on and we took complete advantage of it. Jeremy stayed home from work even though the roads weren't that terrible. He got out our makeshift sled (the lid of a storage bin) and the boys had some fun outodoors. This was Abe's first time to really play in this type of weather. He went on the sled twice and then he was ready to be inside. On Tuesday the refreezing of the melted ice closed schools again. So Pax and Abe were home from MDO and Holden's morning class was canceled. Wednesday morning we had more ice and later some snow. Today we had a little more snow that didn't stick. But we took Holden to his class and then went to two grocery stores. We needed groceries badly! But it was flippin' cold. The wind...oh that wind nearly killed me as I loaded boys and groceries in and out of the van several times. As of right now, the weather is showing us that we will be seeing more of the snow and freezing rain for 2 more days. Honestly it has been a nice change of scenery. But after this week, I'll be ready for spring. I like to have a little time in each season and now I've had my winter fix. A few pictures from Monday when it was new and fun.
And a few pictures from Wednesday when the cabin fever had begun to get the best of us.

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