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Friday, February 13, 2015

Flashback Friday

I have a Valentine Themed Friday Flashback today. Apparently I didn't snap a picture in 2009 or last year. So here's what I do have. My how they have grown!
And 2015. I took this picture on Thursday before the younger two headed off to MDO and Holden to his class. 
Every year on Valentine's Day the boys receive a balloon from us and a little chocolate. A simple balloon is a huge hit every single year. And chocolate....well, who doesn't love chocolate. Besides Pax, who doesn't love chocolate. I was a little surprised by being asked out on a date by my sweet Valentine this year. But it was quite a feat nailing down a sitter. So we celebrated with dinner out and a play last night. And tomorrow it'll be the 5 of us and some homemade personal pizzas. Happy Valentine's Day!

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