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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Last night we celebrated my dad at our house with a Mexican fiesta. I didn't snap a picture. Today we celebrated Jeremy. Our day went like this: church, lunch at home, naps for the boys while Jeremy and I watched a couple of Scandal episodes (we are HOOKED!), dinner out, back home for his gifts, icecream and trampoline time with daddy. Jeremy is an incredible daddy to these three boys. And the best partner I could have hoped for in raising our kids.  
 The boys didn't know about the gifts. They can't be fully trusted with secrets.
Abe thought the camera was out for him, so he was cracking me up in the background. The boys were oblivious to him showing off because they were so into the gifts.
Abe loving on daddy. He really is so affectionate.
Something practical. Somehow this guy survived a beach vacation without any flip flops or sandals. How? I'm not even sure! And a book on CD by a pastor he really enjoys. Jeremy doesn't really make time to read books, so now he can just listen. :)
My interviews with the big boys.
It was a great day of celebrating a very special daddy.

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