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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Yesterday Abe turned 18months! We don't recognize half birthdays at our house, but I always make a mental note in my brain when the date rolls around. What can I tell you about Abe at 18 months...where to begin? He's sweet. I'm so in love with this little boy. My baby boy. I still think of him as a baby. I'm a very affectionate person with my family. It's just part of who I am, and I think he loves it. He gets at least 200 kisses a day from me and never turns them away. He has mastered the kiss, and now gives us closed lip kisses rather than the open mouthed baby kisses. The boy IS NOT verbally communicating and it just baffles us. I've felt pretty unconcerned about it. He understands a whole lot of what we say. But we definitely have some communication barriers that lead to frustration on his side. Mainly his side, sometimes ours. He tends to sign "more" when he wants just about anything. So the "more" sign just lets us know he's not perfectly content at a certain moment. He can use it the correct he wants more grapes to eat. But it tends to be his fall signing more at the back door to let us know he wants to go outside to play. Ha. So I haven't been very intentional with baby sign language this time. Surprise surprise! Shouldn't that be expected with #3!? But you'd think it would make him practice some verbal skills. But it hasn't...unless screaming falls into the category of verbal skills.
The boy loves to be outside. He loves to swing. He loves to be on the new trampoline. He loves to be pulled in his wagon or pushed in his stroller. He loves to throw balls and has a great arm for it. He loves dogs. Just loves them and gets giddy excited when he sees a new one! He LOVES to play in the water. He had his first waterpark day yesterday and hung in like a champ until after 2pm with no nap. Had he not been having fun face planting in the water, he would not have been a happy camper. But he was so content. Someone commented on what a chilled out boy he was. Ha. He can be a tricky one. But it made for such a pleasant day. And I'm hopeful that our days at the waterpark always go so well. Abe loves his big brothers. Loves them so much. What's even more special is to see how much they adore him. Goodness, it steals my heart at least once a day when I see them play and care for another. I never imagined these big brothers would enjoy a new baby as much as they have. It's been such a blessing for me to see.
Abe is a great eater, though he is still a little finicky. His favorites are broccoli, corn, peas, green beans, any beans, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, grapes, berries, kiwi, pear, pineapple, ham, chicken, yogurt, cheese, cheerios, applesauce and bananas. He still doesn't love any type of bread and most starches other than the ones listed above. It makes for a healthy diet, so I'm not complaining, but it's a little harder to prepare convenience foods for him. Abe is an average size but sometimes mistaken for a 2 year old. Maybe it's the 3 inches of hair on top that makes him look taller. He is 32.5inches (46%) and 26lbs and 11oz (79%). His head circumference is 48cm (66%). He is often mistaken for a little girl. Weekly this happens. It doesn't hurt my feelings, though people are very apologetic. I never correct people. I just let them think he's a girl. But sometimes they just realize it because he's dressed boyish. Or like today, sassy Pax SNAPPED at someone "He's a boy!" (Oh Pax...he'll do anything for a laugh. And he sometimes sounds very rude in his attempt for a comedic moment. We are working on it.) We haven't cut Abe's hair, as much as Papa J has rooted for us to do so. I just know he'll look so different. He'll look like a completely different child. I love his curls. And this momma just isn't ready. I thought I would be by 18 months. But I'm not!! He is a beautiful boy. With beautiful long eyelashes and big curly hair. I know why people sometimes call him "princess" by mistake. :)
Some fun things at this point in his little life. We say "Abe, show me your silly face." And he scrunches up his nose and squints his eyes with the biggest smile on his face. I think he started this all his own. And it's a cute and fun game we play. He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but only says "ba ba ba ba" the tune of the song. It's hilarious to hear the tune, but only that one syllable coming from his mouth. He loves to laugh and be tickled. He loves to hug when you get down on his level. It never fails, every time I am tying someone's shoe, he comes from behind me and hugs me while laying his head on my back. He's just so sweet, sometimes I can't believe I'm the lucky one to be his mommy. He's also a busy body and into everything. He can destroy a room in 10 seconds flat. And it's a favorite pastime of his.
Abe is a precious addition to our family. Each day I am so thankful that God gave us this gift! A few more recent pictures of our baby boy...

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