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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

fall snapshots.

To make this catchup quick and simple, here are a few memorable moments from the last 6 weeks or so.

We took the boys to their first real football game. TCU versus TEXAS! It was also, MY first real football game. Unfortunately right before halftime, a storm came through. We tried to wait it out for at least 2 hours, in order to see more of the game. But the game was delayed until 11:30pm! The big boys were tired and done with football. Plus we were paying for a sitter for Abe and our cost was going up as we waited it out. So we called it quits and missed most of the game. Luckily our tickets were free through Jeremy's work. :)
We took the boys to an annual carnival that our church hosts. It's a fundraiser for a unique ministry for families of special needs children in our area. We go each year. The boys love it. And our money goes to a great cause!
Blurry Pax, random girl and Holden. They loved this slide and rode it over and over again.
Holden road this terrifying thing with some boys from church. He loved it!
And we left as the proud owners of two new goldfish named Silly and Goldie. I'm not sure why we stopped at WalMart and bought fish food. We should have fed them breadcrumbs. They were dead in less than 24 hours. :( Dead fish gross me out. Jeremy flushed them once he returned from work. Pax cried. He wanted to keep them. Dead and all. :) It was hard not to laugh as he said that through his tears.

We had a little cousin time. I just loved this picture.
Carson and Abe. The oldest grandchild and youngest grandchild on my side of the family.

Mister Abe has decided that peekaboo behind the curtains is his new favorite game.
 And he is sharing green smoothies with me daily. He often cries as we slurp the ending from the glass. Sweet sweet boy!
School is trucking along. We are all enjoying the structure, the new material and our time together. Here are a few pictures from some recent school activities.
 A week on leaves and fall. Cute little button trees and leaf collecting for some other projects.
 I know they are learning and growing through my teaching. But when I can visually see improvements, in things like handwriting, my heart leaps. :)
 Turtle week. Below they both acted like a turtle and pulled all limbs into the laundry basket when I warned that an attacker was coming. :) It was a very tight fit for long and lanky Holden.
Speaking of that boy, he has lost his 3rd tooth! They are falling out faster than Abe's are coming in!
And just because I was going through pictures on my phone and thought this one was worth sharing.
Jeremy ran in to the store to buy a pumpkin for our carving before Halloween, while the rest of us sat in the car. I had told him to carry it like it was heavy. And since he doesn't resist an opportunity to make me laugh, he carried it like this. And he got a few strange looks from others. I still laugh when I look at this picture. I may never delete it. :) 

And those are a few of the fun things that have been going on in our family lately. 

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