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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

diggers, Holden and Papa J

Holden had quite the fun outing a couple of weeks ago with his Papa J. A little back story is that while we were at my Dada's house for my Meme's funeral, Holden quickly layed eyes on a toy digger. My grandparents have a handful of small toys for their 23 great-gradchildren. Yep. You read that right. 23 greats! Holden found the digger and they were inseperable during our visit there. My dad noticed him playing with the digger and mentioned that he wanted to take Holden to go and see some construction vehicles soon. Just Papa J and Holden on a little outing to watch the diggers work. There is plenty of construction going on in a couple of different areas close to where we live. A week later, my parents were spending a few days at my house and so my dad took the opportunity and made it happen. After breakfast they headed out before it got too unbearably hot. Holden was in heaven and told us all about once they returned. My dad drove them to a few locations and at one point they were just a few yards away from the work trucks. One of the men operating the digger "waved" his shovel at Holden. Don't you know Holden thought this was SO cool! Dad told us that Holden talked and talked and talked the entire time about what was taking place. I don't think there was a silent moment between them. After seeing the diggers, dad took him to Sonic for a slush; which just topped off their morning.

Without having to put too much thought into it, I do believe that quality time is Holden's "love language". And Papa J sure met that need on this particular day. These are the kind of memories that I hope my children always have when they reflect back on their grandparents.  Thank you dad for the extra effort that went into loving on my Holden. You know that it filled up his little heart, but it also filled up mine. :) And here just a few pictures my dad snapped. I sure would have loved these at his digger party this past May!!

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The Skains Family said...

That is just too cute! I love that and you made me miss my Dad.