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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Promote Oklahoma Adoption!!

To anyone that has any inkling of an interest in domestic adoption here in Oklahoma, please go here and read. Show support, get involved. These girls are fighting to make a difference in our state laws. I will confess to you now that I broke Lent and skimmed the bog when Molly informed me about it. Now, I don't know much about the differing adoption laws from state to state. Through our experience, Jeremy and I quickly realized that there were differences between Oklahoma and Colorado, where both of my nieces were adopted. But we were fortunate that our experience was smooth and the process flowed without a hitch. But that is not the case for every story, as many of you already know. BUT, on the same note, we can't live in fear of taking the step to adopt because of the unknowns of what might possibly happen. Jeremy said to me just this week something like: I know adoption can be scary to people. Just the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the journey. But once you do it, it just changes your life. I think Molly said it best in the most recent post. So again, go here and read. And if you are interested in adopting, but a little fearful and need a push, I am pretty positive that I can convince you. :) So let me give it a try. Feel free to email me ( And if I can't convince you, maybe this face can.


Molly said...

Oh you are SO good!

What a wonderful post...thank you for supporting this effort!

Please pray that it develops and grows as God wants it to, not as we think it should.

Kelly said...

Melodie, I love your heart for the little ones out there that need a home :)

Amanda said...

That face could convince anyone of out! ;)

I read Molly's blog about it. This is an important thing. I'll be praying from Colorado.