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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Good Week!

Last week was just a really good week. To capture the details, this may be a long one. Bear with me. I was in Dallas last Saturday for this girl's baby shower. What fun to celebrate with friends over Josh and Amanda’s little miracle! My mom rode back with me Saturday afternoon and spent the week at our house. Just for fun! And it was a lot of fun. We did a little shopping and relaxed. And she was delighted to be covered in kisses by Holden. He would just kiss her and kiss her and kiss her all day long. It became pretty entertaining.
Thursday was my birthday. I am officially the BIG 29! And so proud of that! Mom treated me to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and gave me some shopping money that I have yet to spend. Jeremy got me some wonderful gifts that he thought up all by himself. No help from me. I love surprises! He gave me a red KitchenAid tea kettle. This is so wonderful because for Christmas my sister had given me a French Press for my morning coffee. And the tea kettle will make it a little easier. I love it! He also got me some of my favorite perfume. Ok. Normally I am a cheap-o. I can’t justify paying full price for most things. I have no problem buying things used, on clearance or often times with coupons. But perfume is normally a splurge for me. Anyways, I was all out and that just can’t be. So he got me my lovely smelling perfume (that apparently they are no longer making). So sad. And my last and most favorite gift this year was a charm for my charm bracelet. Same sister also bought me a charm bracelet for Christmas. What a great idea, huh! She added to it a cross and a charm that says “little sister”. Then she gave me cash to add a charm to represent my Holden, which I have yet to do. Sorry sister. I think I will get an H or his birthstone very very soon. I haven’t decided yet. But Jeremy got me a charm called “The Chosen Hand”. And instead of making this blog longer than necessary, I will do an entirely different post on it because some of you out there might want to get you one! He got the idea off of Molly’s blog some time ago. And I am so glad he did. It is a special, special gift to me. Probably the one that cost the least, but meant absolutely the most. And then Holden got me a Starbucks gift card since he had been waking me up all week. Sweet little boy! I do have to say that the addition of Holden this year made the day that much more special! Holden was pretty fussy last week during all of this. He decided he would have no more pureed baby food and he didn’t enjoy being spoon fed. He was waking up at some point EVERY night! He was fighting taking his bottle. He was on the tale end of a cold and so I thought maybe it had gone to his ears. We went and had them checked at the doctor. Ears were perfect! As much as I didn’t want him to have an ear infection, it would have brought me a little peace. No one wants to think that their sweet little baby is turning into quite a mess. But she (the doctor) did check his teeth and perhaps the big ones are on their way. She said his back gums were swollen and that could be the cause of mister's attitude. The past few days we have gotten back into our schedule of staying home and taking regular naps. And the attitude is better. Still not caring for the spoon to be fed but he is taking his entire bottle with no meltdowns.
Anyways, this was my good, good week. A week with mom and a great 29th birthday!


Molly said...

Well, Happy belated Birthday! So glad you had such a wonderful week with your mom. And so sorry about Holden. I too remember the first time that I took Owen in WANTING to find an illness was the reason for his attitude. He wasn't sick and I realized I had a boy, a real boy on my hands! Cooper did the same thing with baby food and I had to move him to solids early at 8 months because he wanted to feed himself. You gotta love their independence!

Isn't it amazing how kids love their schedules and naps! Hope that and the teeth fixes the fussies!

everyday graces said...

Happy Birthday again! Looks like you had a wonderful week. Isn't time w/mom's so much fun. Since you aren't reading blogs I thought I'd share that my mom and I went on a rode trip for spring break. We ended up going to Kansas to see little house on the prairie. Anyhoo, charm bracelets are so great. I got mine when I turned 12. I don't know where you are getting your charms but James Avery has some great ones.

I'm curious...what's your fave fragrance?