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Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the fun begin

I have been thrilled for this week to begin. There is much to look forward to . . . and it all began today. Holden and I went to a birthday party for Jesus this morning and had a lot of fun with other moms and kids. Then, tonight we drove through a local park to see Christmas lights. I took Holden out of his carseat as Jeremy drove through because it really was a sight! The place was covered in lights. And Holden did say “ooooh”. I’m pretty positive that he was impressed by the display. I love going to see Christmas lights. Growing up, it was an annual event in my family. But since this month has flown by, we were really getting down to the wire. So I’m very glad we got out tonight to see the lights. Here are a few pictures from tonight.
Holden is his snowman jammies. Because it is so cold here!

Holden giving nice, slobbery filled kisses. Slobbery, yes. But so so sweet!
Jeremy reading “The Night Before Christmas” to Holden.
Tonight was sort of our Christmas Eve. When Jeremy gets home tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, we will do Christmas with just the 3 of us. Which brings more exciting events. Tomorrow, Holden and I will be making cookies for Santa. Ok, Holden probably won’t be participating much in the baking. Not this year. Despite the fact that my husband finds this absolutely ridiculous that we are leaving Santa cookies and egg nog (since Holden is only 7 months old), we are still going to do it! I’m telling you – traditions are starting this year! Did I mention that Santa is coming during Holden’s afternoon nap? It was most convenient for us this year. And I’m pretty sure that growing up, we never had Christmas at our house on Christmas day. So Santa comes whenever you want him to. Tomorrow should be a fun day.
I have also been so excited to have all of my family together. We are traveling to my parent’s house in Texas on Christmas Eve. Both of my sisters and their families will be there and I am expecting a very fun week with the fam. Lately I have just been almost giddy about this week. Many pictures to come!


Life In Mazes said...

You have such a beutiful family. Enjoy your Christmas traditions!

Molly said...

I love this post. I have been giddy too. I have worked really hard to have a fun Christmas time and not be stressed! It's been wonderful. Although we are minus daddy, we are already with family and blake will join us as soon as he gets off work.

Holden just continues to get cuter and cuter if that's possible!

Merry Christmas!

josh said...

Great pictures of your family! Holden looks sooo cute and like he's enjoying the Christmas festivities. Lord bless you guys this season.

-Josh (Loraena's husband from over at Unmeasured Grace)

Matt and Shara said...

I love how enthralled Holden looks in the book Jeremy's reading him - so precious! Merry Christmas to all three of you!!

April said...

I love sweet slobbery kisses. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!