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Monday, December 1, 2008

7 months

Well, here is Holden at 7 months. I honestly can’t believe that he is already 7 months old. And I have this feeling that May 1st will be here in the blink of an eye. I know that time is not traveling faster than it has in the past, though it sometimes feels as if that is indeed the case here. I am just watching my little boy grow and develop by leaps and bounds. And then I begin to think . . . wasn’t he just a tiny baby that couldn’t even lift his head . . . that would fall asleep after drinking an ounce of formula . . . that I thought would never grow into his 0-3month clothes. And literally overnight (or approximately 210 nights) he is 7 months old. This was a very special month for us as we finalized our adoption. Holden has been 100% our son since the day we brought him home and so we have never wavered from that. But this month, it legally became official.
Onto what Holden has been up to this month. He is now completely sitting up without support. He has learned that bath time is so much more fun when you can sit up and SPLASH!
He loves to “swim” on his belly, but is not up and crawling yet. Jeremy is SO ready for him to crawl and I am kind of hoping for a peaceful Christmas with no ornaments being ripped off the tree. I can wait another month to see him crawling. But he is scooting backwards, as evidence of this picture I took a few weeks ago. He started out playing by the stacked rings. It must be so frustrating to travel away from your toys!
Speaking of the rings. This month I realized that he is kind of boyish. Yeah, I know that’s probably good since he is a boy and all. But I hand him a toy such as this one and he slings the pieces everywhere. He doesn’t seem to do anything gently. He might be my little bull in the china closet. I will have to teach him my gracefulness. That line might only be funny to Jeremy since he knows I break something normally once a week.
He has taken a liking to pink baby dolls this month. You know our babysitter club thing we have going with Blake and Lauren . . . well Katelyn and Noah were at our house last weekend and Holden seemed to like Katelyn’s doll. And I thought it would be funny to get a picture of it. And possibly hold it over his head for eternity.
He has some tickle spots and sometimes I use them just to make myself laugh. Hearing him laugh and cackle is quite contagious! Though over Thanksgiving, I was going to show the family his cackle and so I tickled him. Instead of laughing he reverted to screaming. He did this several times. Fun screaming, of course! Which really seems so appropriate for tickling. Tickling isn’t funny. It’s kind of mean!
I guess that is the newest on our little guy. I’m sure I will remember something else I should have added as soon as a click the publish button. But for now, that’s all I’ve got.


April said...

Wade scooted backwards first. He always looked so confused! Cute, cute pictures!

Molly said...

I love it! I love all of the updates and new things he's doing.

I can't get enough pictures of that guy! Keep sending them! Are you all still planning on Saturday? We'll be there!

everyday graces said...

What a sweet sweet boy. I can't believe he's already 7 mo.

Rebekah said...

I was with you on the waiting to crawl! Steven was close to 10 months before he really became mobile, and he'll be walking really soon. (I wasn't in a hurry for that, but now that we have baby #2 arriving in less than 3 weeks, he needs to get going!)

I love the pictures; you can see so much joy in his face. This past week, I've been thinking over and over how blessed beyond measure is. I've also gotten to really build a relationship with his (and baby #2's) mom, and that has been amazing!

The Myers said...

So precious. And I love his pink dollie. Nothing wrong with a boy who likes dollies. I think it means he'll grow up to be a great daddy just like Jeremy. :)