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Friday, August 1, 2008

Family meets Holden

At Cameron's 1st birthday party, my aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin's girlfriend were finally able to meet Holden. My aunt and uncle adopted my cousin Britt from birth. Britt has always been my first exposure to adoption. He was 9 months older than me and so naturally, he was my closest cousin. He has Native American in his blood and so is darker skinned than the rest of our family. Yet, ironically similar to his dad, my uncle. And as open as everyone was about his adoption, I would still tend to forget. Especially as a child, I just never thought much about it. He belonged to my aunt and uncle as much as I belonged to my own parents. As I have gotten older, and adoption has become more common in our family, I have asked more questions. It's great to hear my aunt's story of the big news that they had a son. I don't think I had ever heard it until recent years. Not because it wasn't shared. Probably my own lack of interest. As mentioned earlier, I just seemed to forget that he came to our family a little differently than I did.

All that being said, Aunt Phee Phee has anxiously been awaiting her turn to cuddle Holden. She has been our prayer warrior from the beginning of our adoption process and continued when Holden had to go through his surgery, etc. We have always known her as Aunt Phyllis. For some reason, she found Aunt Phee Phee (not sure if I am spelling it correctly) to be more fitting these days. So Aunt Phee Phee it is. And here is the family loving on Holden.
Aunt Phee Phee and Holden
cousin Britt and Holden
Crystal cuddling Holden. I think Crystal might become the newest member of our family. And hopefully I don't get in trouble for stating that. But for Pete's sake, she has been around for 2 years and I figure if she puts up with Uncle Danny for that long, she is a keeper. Uncle Danny (not pictured). And very unfortunate. :(

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The Coopers said...

cute pics, and they do have such a wonderful story that I have always loved hearing. I actually think Carson and Aunt Phee Phee came up with that name because he could not say Aunt Phyllis. We would have to ask her for sure. I know now some of her teacher friends even call her that. So funny!!!