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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gulf Shores 2016 (Part 2)

Something new we did on this vacation was visit Alligator Alley in Summerdale, Alabama. We bought a Groupon for it before we left home. The weather forecast for our trip was not looking favorable and we thought it would be a good non-beach day activity. It definitely was a good choice. I'm glad we decided to do this. Basically it was like a zoo for alligators. You toured the place at your own pace. They had the alligators divided up by size...from small babies to the big daddies. On this day, we learned that our boys would probably never survive Disney World because at this small park, we heard multiple complaints about how tired they were of walking.
Here we are at the entrance. The big boys are holding alligator food. No worries - they both shared with Abe. :)
 How could I resist these cute photo ops?!
 Pax was the first brave boy that wanted to hold the small gator. Notice his mouth is taped shut.
 But Abe couldn't wait to get his hands on it.
 And probably the most timid of the 3, but really, he didn't hesitate. He just wasn't jumping to hold it first.
See evidence of tired feet? I'm afraid by next year, Holden's toes will be dragging the ground. They for sure will be dragging if he is on my back. :)
 After feeding the gators all of our food, Pax wanted to empty out the crumbs into the gator area. Our famous last words were: Just don't drop the cups. We wanted to save them as souvenirs. Well, well, thing we knew an alligator had his entire set of chompers stuck inside our stack of cups. Oh well. At least we got to see this man wrestle him down for our cups.
 As we drove back through Gulf Shores to head back to our condo, we made a last minute decision to eat dinner at Lulu's. It's such a great family place. I've mentioned it on the blog the last two years. They have live music, tons of activities and a pretty great menu. But if you have children anything like mine, they leave filthy. Or in Abe's case this time, nearly naked. He was soaked with water and sand, so we stripped him down once we got to the car. 
While we waited on our food to arrive, the big boys got to do this. Which meant that they missed out on the sand and water play, so they stayed relatively clean. It was a full and fun day with a little break from the ocean.
One last vacation installment to come....

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