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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our halls have been decked!

This past weekend I decided we would decorate for Christmas. With Thanksgiving falling a little later, soon to be followed by a certain little guy's birthday and a half marathon for us, I knew early December would be a little busier than normal. And I wanted to enjoy this time with the tree up. I love our little tree all lit up in front of our front windows. Even if the neighbors are cursing us for doing so before the turkey has thawed, much less been cooked and eaten. So Saturday afternoon, with the boys still in their jammies we decorated the tree and put most of our Christmas decorations up.
 this guy loved helping the most.
 And this guy is holding his precious little ornament from last year. It's a brown baby angel. Soon after this picture was taken, he threw it for fun and broke the poor angels wing off. So it goes in the pile of ornaments to repair because I can't bare to let go of them.
 The completed tree
Obviously Abe still needs a little work on his stocking to make it match the others. And we need one more hook. Hopefully this will be the year I make those things happen. I remember thinking that last year...
This year I'm using our tiny tree for all the boys homemade ornaments. And I anticipate we'll be making a few more in the coming month to add to it.
My smiling trio in front of the tree. I love this picture. All three in their reindeer/moose Christmas jammies. My long and lean 6 year old is outgrowing the cutesie jammies so this was our alternative this year. I'm looking forward to a memorable holiday season with my crew.

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