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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend.

My family had a fun and meaningful Easter weekend. I love how much more the boys understand with each passing year. Leading up to Easter, we used Resurrection Eggs for the boys nighttime devotionals. It was only our second year to use them and it is something they really enjoy and look forward to each evening before bed. We started off Good Friday with an evening service at church. The boys actually played in childcare during this time. I think next year, we'll take them into the service with us. On Saturday morning they participated in an Easter Egg Hunt at their MDO school. It was complete with bounce houses and a few hours of fun. They love this kind of stuff and had a ball.
 Pax sometimes thinks he's in charge of Abe. Can you tell in the above picture? :)
On an egg hunting mission!
When did this boy get so big? We are 10 days away from celebrating his 6th birthday. Time, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!
And this little guy just can't make it without his morning nap. He can be such a snuggle bug pre and post sleeptime. We soak it up!
Saturday afternoon, while Abe napped, we dyed Easter eggs. Then I whipped up some lime flavored, green playdough for the boys to play with. It was so much better than store bought playdough and was so simple to make. I had never attempted it before this weekend. The recipe is here. Thank you, Pinterest.
Sunday morning the boys woke to filled Easter baskets. Summer flip flops, card games, a small chocolate bunny, Ninja Turtle stamps, and sunglasses for our big boys. Flip flops, pacis, a book and new sippy cup for our baby. That morning we celebrated with our church. After church and lunch we took about 25 pictures with our camera set up on the tripod to get the one below. Mister Abe obviously knows what to do when a camera is in his face. And I've probably taken less pictures of him than the other two. In all 25+ pictures, he wins the award for biggest cheeser. I love it!
After the boys had naps, my parents joined us for egg hunting and dinner. 
It is so rare that I catch a genuine smile from Pax with a camera. He is a happy, smiley boy. But when the cameras come out, he turns into a fake smiler. But occasionally we can catch a good one. He doesn't make it easy, by any means.
And this is our Mister Photogenic. 
 Ha! See what I mean?!
 He was perfectly content with 3 little eggs. Then he just enjoyed playing outside.
It was a fun family weekend. And more importantly, a celebration of the grace and forgiveness we live in each day because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

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