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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another season of sports.

Two weeks ago we began Holden's second season of soccer. We love this program in our area. Even though it cost a little more than most organizations it's a very small commitment of our time, which is important to us. They practice for 45 minutes before their game. Then they play a 30 minute game and that is it for the week. No week night practices and no other time commitments other than eight weeks of Saturday mornings, when the teams practice and play. Holden has now played two games. He is doing really well. He is playing on a 5/6year old team this year. After his first game, his coach awarded him the medal for the game. A player gets a medal after each game. And we were really proud that Holden was awarded it the first week! This little boy is a fast one. He is always the first one to the ball. I haven't taken many pictures during their games, but these were from the first week.
The Myers were hanging out with us that weekend so Camryn got to see her buddies play.

This is Pax's first season to play a sport. We let him choose and without any hesitation he chose t-ball. Pax has been begging us to play baseball for what feels like years. And baseball definitely seems to fit his personality well. A laid back and slower paced game. He is playing on a 3/4 year old team. In t-ball, with this age of kids, a parent is on the field with the child helping them along. So Jeremy does that part, while I just sit and watch the game. :)
All ready to play!
Yes, there is a smile on his face most of the time he is playing. He is in heaven!
Getting a little advice from daddy before it's his turn to bat.
The big, bad t-ball team.
 They each have six games to go and they are both loving it!

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