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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


July has flown by in some ways. But most days it has felt like the summer is moving at a snail's pace. Honestly, we've missed the water park this summer. Life just hasn't been the same without it. It definitely kept us all entertained in summers past. And we will most likely return next year with season passes. I started taking the boys when Holden was 2 years and Pax was 10 months that first year. So technically we could have gone with Abe this summer. I just felt like he needed some chill time after his many little adjustments. So by default the rest of us are getting that chill time whether we want/need it or not. I haven't been the best at planning activities at home for the big boys. And I've heard one boy complain about boredom more often than I ever want to hear again. One regular event that they have enjoyed this summer has been Monday mornings at the library, bringing home 10-15 new books to read and re-read throughout the week. They always love playing in the water, so the water hose gets pulled out a lot in the backyard. The big boys have been doing a lot of bike riding. Holden's training wheels are off and he almost has it down. If he could just be a little more patient with himself. He tends to get really frustrated by the challenge and wants to give up. But he did ride 1/2 mile last night with a few breaks in between and Jeremy running beside him. Then occasionally we do other things like sidewalk chalk, painting or other random ideas I find on Pinterest or somewhere else online. Feel free to send me any low maintenance ideas that would entertain my big boys during Abe's morning nap. I'm serious. Leave me comment with any ideas you've seen or have been doing this summer. We are always up for new activities. And my creativity has recently been at an all time low. Here are a few pictures from our fun in July.
A messy and odd Pinterest activity. They enjoyed it.
Painting with cars.
The three boys and I took a little trip east during the week in early July so the great grandparents could meet our sweet little Abe. We ended up spending much of our time swimming, which was so much fun for the boys. Holden learned to dive and Pax became much more confident in the water. Abe loves splashing in the water. He even sticks his face in over and over again.
This was Pax the first day...all about safety. :)
See, he got a little more brave as time went on.
Holden became pretty good at diving. I had fun teaching him. And below is the man that taught me to dive when I was a little girl. I remember learning on the side of his pool.
My sweet Uncle Jimmy took the boys around the block in his "sports car". They thought they were big stuff! Goodness, they love cars!
And meeting the greats. They loved our newest addition.
I don't want to wish the summer away. Mainly because I know that means my little guy inches closer and closer to 1 year. That's hard for me to think about it this time around...I think because of the time that we lost. But I'm also ready for the routine that will follow when the school year begins. For now, I'm looking forward to August which will include a visit from my sister, Amanda and her little girls! Hope you all are enjoying the long days of summer!

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