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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

celebrating our first decade!

Jeremy and I had this past weekend all to ourselves to celebrate our first decade of marriage! 10 years! That sounds like such a long span of time. To be married! And to think we have many more decades ahead.
The weekend was really good. We did a little Christmas shopping on Friday morning. Then we made our way to the other side of the metro to our swanky hotel that had been recommended to us (and was pretty darn CHEAP!). Jeremy introduced me to Top Golf on Friday afternoon. I was terrible, but it was still really fun. It's a fun, upbeat place even if, like me, you're absolutely no good at the sport. I really had a great time and I would play it again in a heartbeat. All day Friday was definitely the highlight of our weekend in my opinion. Well, sleeping in 2 mornings in a row and unrushed, quiet meals were a bonus also. Here are a few pictures from our trip.
See the straight left arm? I hear that's correct form.
See, the bent left arm? Not so good. I really stunk it up. But still, it was a fun game. Go play yourself a round.
We had to work really hard to get this picture together. Bright flash, in the dark vehicle made for a blinding experience. But we normally don't like to ask strangers to take our picture for us. So instead, we attempt stupid things like this.
By Sunday we were ready to see our little guys. My parents stayed with the boys while we were gone, which we were thankful for. We normally do these getaways once a year. And we always come home calmer, refreshed and with shoulders down. It's amazing what just 2 days alone can do for us. I cherish these weekends and also the important date nights that we're able to have throughout the rest of the year. And I'm very grateful for the outside support that helps to make them happen. Cheers to 10 years!

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