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Monday, August 24, 2009

climbing boy.

Holden has officially learned to climb. He stands on his little tippy toes and pulls himself up onto the couch, chair or any other piece of furniture he thinks he should be on. So he thinks he is such a big boy now, sitting all by himself on the couch. But normally, he is not sitting. He is either nose diving into the cushions or burying his face among the pillows. He goes into complete hyper mode when he is unattended on the furniture. Normally laughing and slobbering all over everything. Makes you want to avoid sitting my furniture, huh?
Have I mentioned how much he LOVES his books?! There is normally always a book in his hand.

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Aubrey said...

Oh wow!! He has definitely entered a new phase! Can you believe how fast he is growing! So precious!! Love that he loves his books!! Hope to see you guys Thursday!